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Hacken is halfway releasing new Tokenomics, token utilities, and a global vision for the future. Over the past few months, we have been disclosing some new utilities, such as Trust Army and hDAO, our new Membership system, ranks, and HAI coupons. A few more will be announced within the next weeks. But what ties all of these products together and makes them work seamlessly?
The answer lies in hAPP. As the single gateway to the HAI ecosystem, the Hacken App is the key to unlocking the full potential of our new Tokenomics strategy. We understand the importance of bringing users into our ecosystem and providing a simple and convenient experience when acquiring their first HAI. It is where the hAPP comes in, providing an easy and hassle-free way to dive into HAI.
What Сan User Do in New hAPP?
  • Receive instant access to Hacken B2C products: Trust Army, hDAO, and others
  • Stake HAI tokens to get entry to core utilities: Trust Fuel, New Membership, Ranks, HAI Coupons, and more utilities are to be announced
  • Manage Voting Power for his HAI holdings and use hDAO infrastructure
  • Enter the world of HAI and experience its benefits with easeAll Utilities in One HandTrust ArmyThe new hAPP gives a user immediate access to Trust Army within seconds. The redesigned registration flow allows any novice soldier to create a wallet, link it to the Trust Army platform, and immediately start learning at Academy right on the phone.
    In addition, inside hAPP, a user can stake purchased and earned HAI to get Trust Fuel, enabling them to work and get more income.
    hDAOThe basis of the nascent hDAO is the Voting Power. Its amount will be fuelled by the amount of HAI a user holds. Moreover, hAPP will empower multiple hDAO infrastructure solutions for submitting requests and approving decisions (get to know more about it in forthcoming announcements).
    Memberships and RanksThe new Hacken Membership system will entirely be based on hAPP through staking as the only way to access it. Buying tokens, gaining Trust Army and hDAO ranks, managing access given by these ranks — everything will be right on your phone.
    HackenProofHackenProof has created a strong B2B utility, allowing hackers to buy Coupons with HAI and thus increase their USDT bounty payments for detected bugs.
    Obtaining required Membership levels, purchasing the Coupons, and transferring Coupons to the HackenProof platform — all the steps will take place in hAPP.
    Something not yet announcedBut really sweet 🍭, 🧠, and 🎽.
    Distance Reduction Between User and HAI Purchase
    hAPP is about reducing the distance between users and their ability to purchase and utilize HAI. With a simple and streamlined purchasing process, users can easily acquire HAI without the need to navigate complicated or time-consuming procedures.
    In addition to an improved interface for buying directly through crypto assets and exchanges, Hacken partnered with Utorg — an industry leader that works in 187 countries, listed 50+ tokens including TOP-20 projects, and uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to power and speed up its registration process.
    We integrating a system that makes it much easier to buy HAI through almost any bank and for any currency.
    Road to 10,000 new HAI usershAPP is designed to keep users engaged and make their experience with HAI and our product utilities as seamless and enjoyable as possible. With a full range of features and benefits, users can spend more time inside hAPP, utilizing our products and harnessing the power of HAI.
    Today we have more than 50,000 downloads of the application, and the number of people interacting with HAI inside it is 3,000 per month. Already at the end of the spring, we want to triple their amount. Most of them have never owned HAI, so they should receive a hyperloop that will immerse them in the product’s usage and HAI ownership.

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