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Introducing The Core Bridge Powered by LayerZero

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LayerZero is powering Core’s bridge to the broader blockchain ecosystem, enabling greater cross-chain interoperability and officially supporting assets including USDC, USDT, and WETH. As expressed in the Core x LZ integration announcement, Core DAO could not be more excited for this revolutionary technology marking a new epoch in blockchain development.

Connecting the Blockchain World

Over the past decade, the Layer 1 landscape has expanded to numerous chains optimizing for specialized abilities. Historically, specialization and the division of labor has been an economic edge as new tools and trade enhance productivity. Countries have established systems for international exchange with different currencies. Yet, blockchains have not always had the benefit of open communication and trade. Layer 1 chains have had difficulties communicating with one another and transferring data and digital assets.

Blockchain bridges and other interoperability protocols allow for the transfer of tokens and information from one chain or network to another chain or network, allowing decentralized applications across different chains to leverage one another’s abilities. The free flow of information allows tokens to reach their optimal destination, both dividing labor across chains and enabling users to identify and utilize their preferred blockchain without leaving assets behind. Particularly in the early stages of ecosystem development, bridges present a great opportunity for Core to bring various assets and individuals onto its decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchain rails.

Bridges and Tunnels

Despite the importance and value of blockchain bridges, they have historically experienced severe limitations. Using bridges often involves multiple steps and complicated processes. It can often feel like bridges lack clear pathways and guardrails, leading many to fall off the side or simply avoid the voyage entirely. Additionally, with bridges sitting atop the consistently chaotic blockchain surface, earthquakes in the form of security vulnerabilities can shake these bridges to the point of total collapse. If users and developers are going to be able to consistently communicate across chains, the blockchain world needs a better solution than these unsteady, makeshift bridges.

Instead of building atop the ever-shaking layer one landscape, what if cross-chain trade and communication could occur below the surface, acting more like tunnels? As the name implies, LayerZero does exactly that. Utilizing decentralized oracle networks, relayers, and immutable endpoints on integrated blockchains, LayerZero unlocks secure, “one-click” omnichain interoperability. For builders, protocols can reach below Layer 1 barriers to acquire data and digital assets from other applications across the blockchain world. And for users, the simplicity with which LayerZero collects data and assets abstracts away the previously burdensome complexity. Everything runs below the surface. Eventually, with LayerZero being a multifaceted cross-chain messaging protocol, NFTs, messages, and more will live in harmony across multiple chains.

LayerZero is a superpower for the Core developer and user experience. Just as Core leverages Bitcoin and Ethereum at the protocol design level, developers on Core can leverage the applications, data, and tokens on other chains to enhance their applications. Stay tuned for more updates and information on both LayerZero and other Core integrations. Core is rising.

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